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A gentle reminder about dues. Some of you have not paid your dues for 2023. The dues are $10 per member and $5 for associate member. Please make our your check to CWA LOCAL 2105 RMC.

Making in-home care accessible
An exclusive offer for UnitedHealthcare® Group
Medicare Advantage members

Value Advantage Program vision care services for Verizon retirees from Davis Vision

Good afternoon CWA Local 2105 Retirees,

As a reminder, your new officers are as follows :

President : Michael Lushbaugh

Vice-President : Patricia Pulieri

Secretary : Vickie Layton

Treasurer : Terry Schildt

Yearly dues come due in January; it is ten dollars per member and five dollars for associate member. Please make your check out to CWA Local 2105 RMC and mail it to our Treasurer :

Terry Schildt, 14319 Edgemont Rd, Smithsburg, MD 21783.

Our meetings scheduled for the rest of the year are as follows, so please mark your calendars:

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

We will continue to meet at the American Legion Post 42 on Northern Avenue in Hagertown.




Verizon Retirees,

Cindy Ebner, our Health Care Benefits Coordinator (HCBC) has retired effective 3-31-21. The new Coordinator is Tom Ballek.. Tom will be our point of contact for issues with Medical, Dental and Enrollment. The contact number will remain the same (866-248-4449). The email for Tom is Tom is the contact for retirees only. Please make note of this change for your records.

I sent Tom an e-mail yesterday to confirm that we've got the correct phone number and e-mail and he promptly replied. He said that he is temporarily working from home during the pandemic, as Cindy did, so he will not be using the fax number until he goes back to the office.

Tom said thank you and that he appreciates everyone's patience as he is still transitioning into the position.





"Life and Personal Events Info."
Hello Everybody,

I wanted to share this and remind people about the additional death benefit offered by Verizon which was bargained for in 1986. Thanks to John Shickman for sending this reminder.

Written below is some important information and I would suggest that you print it, put it in a safe place and make sure that someone in your family knows about it. Also, I would recommend that you call the benefits center and have them send you a written confirmation. Keep in mind that this benefit will not come automatically - a surviving spouse needs to initiate a call to the company Benefits Center to receive the money.

Under the Verizon Pension plan, a death benefit is available to members and retirees who were on the Bell Atlantic Payroll as of August 9, 1986. This benefit is over and above the life insurance our members currently receive from Verizon.

Verizon's basic life insurance is one year's salary at the time of death, or what your salary was when you retired. This benefit reduces at age 65 and goes to half of your final salary at age 70.

The additional death benefit is a single cash payment. Based on your salary as of August 1986, with a maximum payable of $39,000, this amount does not reduce with age. This benefit would go to your mandatory beneficiary.

You cannot name a beneficiary for this death benefit. The beneficiaries for this benefit are called "mandatory beneficiaries." lf you are married at the time of your death, the mandatory beneficiary is your spouse as long as your spouse is living with you at the time of your death. lf you do not have a spouse, your mandatory beneficiaries are your unmarried dependent children under age 23, or any age if disabled and incapable of self-support. Your parents who are dependent upon you for support are also eligible. lf there is more than one mandatory beneficiary when you die, Verizon's Bell Atlantic Claims Committee will determine how the benefit is paid to your surviving beneficiaries.

We recommend that you call the Verizon Benefits Center at 1 855-489-2367 to confirm that you qualify for this death benefit. The system will ask you for the last four digits of your social security number, your date of birth and your zip code. Be sure you ask them to send you a letter or certificate acknowledging this benefit.

When you call the Benefits Center, ask for "Life and Personal Events." This group is trained on how to calculate your qualifications and will determine the benefit and send you a confirmation. A family member has one year from the time of death to collect this benefit.

Take care and be well,



New HCBC for Frontier Active and Retired Members
Health Care

TAC Coordinator and ACFC Coordinator
Christy Hayhurst-                Toll Free 855-351-4856
SPOC for All Members             Office 304-424-9586
            Fax 304-424-9567
As the CWA Health Care Benefits Coordinator, Christy will be available to assist Frontier employees and retirees within the CWA2105 bargaining unit with questions and/or problems regarding the Company’s health care plans, including, but not limited to, Medical, Dental, Vision, and Sickness Disability. Frontier CWA2105 bargaining unit members (active and retired) are encouraged to contact Christy for assistance related to benefits, Family Medical Leave Act, Care of Newborn Child/Gradual Return to Work, etc.

As the CWA Training Liaison, Christy will chair the Training Advisory Council (TAC) and facilitate the programs of the Council. The TAC is a joint Frontier-CWA committee responsible for developing programs in the areas of employment security training and continuing education.

As the CWA Advisory Council on Family Care Coordinator, Christy will chair the Advisory Council on Family Care (ACFC) and facilitate the programs of the Council. The ACFC will be a joint Frontier-CWA Committee focusing on family care assistance and education for represented employees. 

Health Care

Ines Millard-                                       1-888-571-7218
Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability and Enrollment Issues
Jodi Grant-                                         1-888-324-4969
Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability and Enrollment Issues
Tom Ballek-                                        1-866-248-4449
Mid Atlantic Retirees
Medical, Dental and Enrollment Issues
The HCBC's can handle issues from any active or retired Mid-Atlantic CWA (NJ,
PA,DE,MD,DC,VA,WV) represented members, regardless of their home state.


2 West Potomac Parkway, Williamsport, MD 21795 Phone: 301-582-2105 Fax: 301-223-7160